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Very Good
  • Vehicle condition

  • Vehicle cleanliness

  • Spaciousness

  • Counter staff

  • Pick-up location

  • Drop-off location

  • Pick-up time

    10-30 mins
  • Drop-off time

    10-30 mins
  • 6.7

    Good price, would use again.

    Ecovia staff very nice and professional. Car was ok but I didn't get the car I booked. This seems pretty standard nowadays. I booked a Kia Rio and got a Fiat 500L. It was ok in terms of getting luggage in but very underpowered fully loaded. It also had severe damage to the rear passenger door which wasn't marked on the rental doc. I had to ask it to be!

    Reviewed: July 16, 2019

  • 8.3

    Great value car hire and no problems at collection or return.

    Car was almost new in perfect condition. Location wasn't obviously a car hire as looked like parking and car wash from outside. At pick up they tried hard to sell unnecessary extra insurance but I think all car hire places do this.

    Reviewed: July 7, 2019

  • 5.3

    Overall fairly poor due mainly to the pick up experience which was a waste of time. Inadequate staff

    Had to wait for a very long time to pick up, at the desk and then again in the car pound. In all, over 2 hours. Wasn't allocated the car we had booked. Given a larger car, which we did not want. This was more difficult to manoeuvre on narrow roads and used more fuel, so cost us money.

    Reviewed: July 2, 2019

  • 9.3

    freedom and ease

    The counter staff in Bologna went above and beyond to help us and were very helpful and understanding! The staff in Rome were very efficient.

    Reviewed: June 29, 2019

  • 9.0


    It was difficult to find where we actually pick up the car. Needs to be some additional information when booking or before you collect the car. They gave us a car that needs methane gas, but very few stations have this, do was impossible to find this type of gas. Seems unreasonable to hire out cars that you can fill up again! Added a lot of unwanted stress to the trip!

    Reviewed: June 26, 2019

  • 6.3


    The facilities near Milan Central Station are inside a private parking lot, with no exterior sign. Hard to find. The clerk in Milan was helpful and gave us all the information we asked for. But once he brought the car, he left immediately, without checking in our presence the dents, scratches and lack of accessories in the car - and there were many. My husband went back inside to call him, and he said everything was already listed in the contract. Meanwhile, someone else came to pick up his car from the parking lot, and our car was blocking the exit. I took some photos of the exterior of the car, and we left without being able to check the contract. The car itself - a fiat cinquecento - was very worn down - 88000 km. The trunk door didn't close properly unless you tried several times. The trunk lid was missing. There weren't mats. The car wasn't properly clean - there was dog fur in the trunk. The radio antenna was missing. We dropped off the car near Malpensa Airport. The location is easy to find, at a Gas Station. When the clerk checked the defects on the car, bingo, most of them weren't listed in the contract, which had my digital signature. I showed the pictures I had made and he called his superiors. They approved it and nothing was charged. Yet, an unpleasant situation. Both the drop off and pick up were fast, though.

    Reviewed: June 26, 2019

  • 3.7

    Unsatisfactory customer service response to a problem with the vehicle that left us exposed

    We were given a considerably bigger people carrier, in fact it was a mini-van. It was parked outside the compound in a dark street and we picked up at night. In daylight, we discovered that the sliding back window’s locking and closing mechanism was broken. We immediately contacted Autovia and their response was extremely unsympathetic: by phone they told us no alternative car could be supplied; by email they told us that we had already signed that the car was in good order. So we were left with a vehicle, one of whose windows did not properly close or lock, something which had been hidden to us in the dark of the night. In other words, we were left with a vehicle that could easily have been broken into and risked any baggage we left in the vehicle, which had an impact on our holiday.

    Reviewed: June 20, 2019

  • 8.3

    Great experience, with friendly smiles.

    Ecovia customer service from start to finish was great, they really do accommodate! Car was great, and was very easy returning. Friendly service, would definitely recommend.

    Reviewed: June 13, 2019

  • 10.0

    Economial and hastle free

    I booked this one and my relatives booked with two different companies. Mine was by far the cheapest and i was the onlyone that got a free upgrade! They also gave me a discount so i didnt need to fill up at return! Relatives had to fill up before returning!

    Reviewed: May 16, 2019

  • 6.0

    Terrible Rental Experience with Ecovia/Autovia

    Do not rent from Ecovia/Autovia. I picked up the car at the airport, drove it to a gated residence, and parked it and didn't drive it again until I returned the car to the airport. When I returned the car, they found a "scratch" on the Back of the mirror and Ecovia wants to charge me about $160. This is a ridiculous and frivolous charge. First, it was late at night, dark and rainy when I picked up the car. I did a cursory inspection of the vehicle but who checks the back of the mirror for scratches? No American company would charge you for this. Just look at the attached picture ! I'm sure the scratch was already on the car when I picked it up because it was parked undisturbed in a garage at a residence. Maybe I was penalized for not purchasing their insurance. I appealed the charge to Ecovia/Autovia to no avail. The other practice that this company did was to give me the car with the tank 2/8ths full of gas. When this happens, the customer Always returns the car with more gas because he/she does not want to be charged. The customer deserves a car with a full tank of gas at pick-up. Start-up rental companies like Ecovia with unethical practices like this should be avoided. They drive you to the major car rentals where you know you will pay more but they won't try to screw you like Ecovia is doing to me. The low price isn't always a good deal. It bothers me that this company is getting away with screwing me on such a frivolous charge. Just look at the picture. I will not rent from Ecovia again. Buyer beware of Ecovia/Autovia!

    Reviewed: May 10, 2019

  • 8.0

    Autovia/ Ecovia worst company for customer service

    Reviewed: May 6, 2019

  • 9.3

    metano fuel a nightmare

    counter staff particularly helpful on drop off. however initially wasn't an automatic car as booked. then was given a dual fuel unleaded and metano car but not told how hard it is to get metano and how few miles the unleaded would do. spend an hour trying to find metano for drop off. wouldn't use again for that reason.

    Reviewed: May 5, 2019

  • 10.0

    Nice car, great value

    Like: The vehicle was clean and in good condition. In addition, it had both GPL and benzine capabilities so we saved using GPL.
    Dislike: We had to turn in the vehicle already washed. In addition, every little scratch gets recorded on case more scratches appear. We were careful and returned the vehicle in great condition, but some scratches should be considered normal wear and tear. Larger and more notable scratches may be worthwhile annotating, but not the small door dings and similar scratches.

    Reviewed: September 11, 2018

  • 8.6


    Like: Instead of Lancia we received KIA.
    Dislike: During reservation pick-up was indicated "Rimini Airport", but nothing there. Needed to call and employee arrived after 10+ min.

    Reviewed: August 26, 2018

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