DollarDollarCar Rental at Miami airport

Dollar Car Rental at Miami airport

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Reviews on car rental in Miami airport

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Jiexuan Li February 18, 2017

Dollar in Milwaukee

Service is very good, the most important thing is convenient, take back the car is very convenient

Li Zhou February 16, 2017

Dollar in Reykjavik

Service attitude is very good, we must be wrong shop, but also actively for us to deploy the vehicle

Wenjuan Li February 10, 2017

Dollar in Tel Aviv

Processing speed, take the car speed is very fast

Yi Wang February 8, 2017

Dollar in Vancouver

Shop on the opposite side of the Vancouver Airport terminal parking lot, very convenient.

Yun Gao February 7, 2017

Dollar in Hawaii - Hawaii Island

The shop is good to help explain the many back when traffic jam time too late to refuel directly from the credit card buckle postage are slightly more expensive but the amount of gas station's normal car ferry also feel very reasonable and convenient

February 7, 2017

Dollar in Hawaii - Hawaii Island

There is a shuttle bus from the airport about 5 minutes to get to the car rental location

Junyong Zheng February 6, 2017

Dollar in Los Angeles

Very reliable taxi company, the car is also convenient car

Jing Gao February 6, 2017

Dollar in Vancouver

In Vancouver for the first time with Dollar, not many people can handle the counter, the speed is good. Because advance fees have been paid and buy insurance, so signed a rental documents can be put on the car. The car is also very convenient, because we rent only 2 days and in the Vancouver area, so the oil is not used much, finally fill the $10 oil money.

Ang Zhou February 6, 2017

Dollar in Reykjavik

Want to borrow Dollars's Ford maverick, no, later in the Hertz forest of Subaru, diesel version of power, open up very cool.

Mingwei Fan February 5, 2017

Dollar in San Jose

Very good experience, very warm, very pleasant chat

Ying Zhu February 5, 2017

Dollar in Los Angeles

Enthusiastic service attitude, but the existence of marketing behavior. Deal with vehicle accidents in a timely manner, next time you want to improve the hard sell behavior.

Xiuzhen Liang February 4, 2017

Dollar in Washington

More vehicles, cars are new

Guojun Wang February 3, 2017

Dollar in San Francisco

At the airport is more convenient

Zhun Wang January 31, 2017

Dollar in Los Angeles

Line up, waiting for a lot of time. Was sold insurance, because his wife went to the United States for the first time, more worried, or buy insurance. Everything else is fine.

Xuejun Dong January 29, 2017

Dollar in Hawaii - Maui Island

The staff was not selling nice try to use the most concise words Bang Bang Da communication

Baocheng Shen January 26, 2017

Dollar in Hawaii - Oahu Island (honolulu)

Do not rent to NISSAN, CC, Ma Liqiang, very satisfied!

Bin Hui January 24, 2017

Dollar in Las Vegas

Take the car quickly, the car is basically a new car, the procedure is simple, there is a normal marketing, you can choose not to.

Meng Xu January 19, 2017

Dollar in Chicago

Dollar, as always, the sale of insurance fortunately insisted they do not even. The car is good to borrow the car is faster

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