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Budget Car Rental at Tampa Airport

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Reviews on car rental in Tampa Airport

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Ji Zhou March 7, 2017

Budget in Fremont

Very smooth, efficient, scheduled Ford did not change the same level of modern, new car only opened 700. Next time will come again

Feng You March 4, 2017

Budget in Bergen

High efficiency, good service attitude.

Weiyao Guan March 4, 2017

Budget in Auckland

Good car, but also very convenient to borrow

Xingzhong Zhu March 3, 2017

Budget in Melbourne

In opposite to the Melbourne Airport, the airport about three minutes to reach the left on the right, Hertz, avis. The car rental price is reasonable, the advance payment to mention the car quickly, change second! Trustworthy!

Chao Yang March 2, 2017

Budget in Santa Fe Springs

Budget staff enthusiasm, professional service for the guests, providing a good vehicle quality, make the journey at ease.

Li Chen March 2, 2017

Budget in Pasadena

Easy to take in Pasadena

Xiaofeng Lu March 1, 2017

Budget in Launceston

Take the car, return the car, the Taiwan Affairs Office, the car in the parking lot next to.

Bobin Li March 1, 2017

Budget in Casablanca

Quick and simple procedures, the condition is very new. Good service.

Li March 1, 2017

Budget in Melbourne

The car and the car are not the staff arrived at the scene to help the vehicle, was seeking only to see the body paint, did not pay attention to the glass, the car for second days were about 50 Australian dollars, the rental car, said front glass has a small wound, feeling very Speechless. Fortunately, the purchase of a super insurance to apply for compensation in a timely manner.

Huiling Quan March 1, 2017

Budget in San Francisco

Cost is very high, but also a lot of rent, convenient, very very recommended.

Luping Wen February 28, 2017

Budget in Belfast

The car formalities convenient, Belfast Airport staff efficiency is high, mention is added to buy insurance, but not too hard sell. to go to the parking lot after the car keys specified position to take the car smoothly.

Peiwei Cai February 28, 2017

Budget in Sydney

Good car rental company, good service.

Su Yang February 27, 2017

Budget in Port Louis

Very thoughtful service, simple process

Ming Zhao February 25, 2017

Budget in Tel Aviv

Cheap, service is very good, back and forth are very smooth, in the mountains of Israel, such as multi car narrow high-speed high-speed difficult parking place, please select the car

Yixuan You February 24, 2017

Budget in Hawaii - Oahu Island (honolulu)

Good service, no additional sales, clean condition

Hongtao Liao February 23, 2017

Budget in Los Angeles

The cheapest price, no one. Local car rental companies are also sought after

Jun Wang February 23, 2017

Budget in Hawaii - Oahu Island (honolulu)

In the island of the car rental company, very good strong proposal to rent this house

Jiansong Wang February 22, 2017

Budget in Melbourne

Very convenient, thoughtful service, good condition! Worth recommending

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