AVISAVISCar Rental at Minneapolis Airport

AVIS Car Rental at Minneapolis Airport

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    7150 Humphrey Drive,Hubert Humphrey Terminal






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    Take airport free shuttle to rental car company off the airport

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Reviews on car rental in Minneapolis Airport

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Zuohong Jiang March 6, 2017

AVIS in Tromsoe

5 minutes before work arrived, the staff also added a few classes for this...

Jingdan Hao March 6, 2017

AVIS in Melbourne

Store is very easy to find, take the car is very convenient.

Yinghua Zhou March 5, 2017

AVIS in Santorini

Store staff is one of the best contacts in Greece, service

Hong Shen March 2, 2017

AVIS in Santorini

The first time in a foreign car feel very good to very ha ha ha satisfied

Ning Lu March 1, 2017

AVIS in Amman

Very nice! Staff patience, convenient car lift! No forced selling insurance! Condition is also good!

Lei Ji March 1, 2017

AVIS in Oslo

The store's little brother is very Nice, very carefully and we confirm the car back to us for a BMW 2, big surprise.

Dasen Huang February 28, 2017

AVIS in Melbourne

Store location is very good, the attitude of the staff is not good enough to sell additional services, but also simple car procedures.

Chen Shen February 28, 2017

AVIS in Santa Ana

I do not know why many deductions, thanks to a rental car rental service, the money back. Want to rent a car has been to maintain such services!

Teke Xu February 27, 2017

AVIS in Cologne

Free upgrade of a better car, service enthusiasm, store parking lot closer.

Jiansheng Jin February 26, 2017

AVIS in Paris

Vehicle maintenance is very good, very satisfied with alternative models, Peugeot 5008, feeling good, simple service flow.

Yong Lu February 26, 2017

AVIS in Las Vegas

Very smooth to get out of the car, his taxi to the aria hotel in Las Vegas, to ask people where Avis, very convenient to take the car, the store did not only one of the other guests, front desk staff, the general attitude, fifteen minutes to take the car.

Tianhong Yang February 26, 2017

AVIS in Christchurch

Very reliable, the service is also very good, very new car

Hua Yang February 24, 2017

AVIS in Vancouver

Good impression, old ink (AVIS sales) is very warm.

Zhimin Tang February 24, 2017

AVIS in San Jose

It's easy to find in the lobby of the airport

Chunjun Zhu February 24, 2017

AVIS in San Francisco

Very convenient to shop from the airport, the airport will be able to see the cycle counter, to produce documents for five minutes after finishing the procedures, took the list down to the third floor of the original car, the car is not, the staff a few minutes to help change the size of Chevrolet at the same time. Full oil just washed, but also ran more than 1 thousand and 700 miles, a very good car, accompanied me for 7 days, very good driving experience! In addition to the store with a credit card to pay $100, it should be a deposit and the like!

Zhigang Xiong February 22, 2017

AVIS in San Francisco

Online booking, pick up the car is very convenient, take the car to take a single good.

Zhen Zhao February 22, 2017

AVIS in Los Angeles

Great, and there's no hard sell insurance

Peng Luo February 22, 2017

AVIS in San Francisco

Very good, very professional and efficient, highly recommended!

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