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Price Drops, We Re-book, You Save

'Price Drop Protector'

What is Price Drop Protector?
Car rental rates change constantly, just like airline and hotel prices. It's difficult to know whether or not you've booked at the right time to get the best deal. Price Drop Protector is an exclusive program for registered members of Easyrentcars.com that allows you to lock in savings if the total price of your car rental drops after you book. We re-book, you save! Travel smarter from today!
Get Price Drop Protected Now Terms and Conditions
First, Book A Car & Turn On Price Drop Protector
Simply turn on Price Drop Protector button and set your preference after you book. You could choose “Alert me via email" or "Automatically rebook me" if price drops by/to a certain amount. You could also decide how much you want to save!
Second, Price Tracking Everyday
Once your booking is confirmed, the Price Drop Protector will automatically track for price drops on your rental daily across set of segments that you select. You could always see the daily price history next to your booking details.
Finally, Re-book & Save
If the rental rate drops to your desired price, we will notify you via email or automatically re-book you with the lower price. Once successfully rebooked, you could either pay less at pick-up or get refunded after your trip. Try Price Drop Protector and lock in your savings now!
They Love Price Drop Protector
Original Price: $274.16, 7 Days Rent
Rebooked Price: $229.60
Saved $44.56

Price Drop Protector helped me save almost 45 dollars when it automatically rebooked me 5 days before I picked up my car. The service seems too good to be true!
Los Angeles, CA
Original Price: $352.30, 10 Days Rent
Rebooked Price: $282.24
Saved $70.06

Actually worked! Saved more than 70 bucks by using Easyrentcars.com. This was probably the easiest way to save that much money. Highly recommended!
New York, NY
Original Price: $82.76, 5 Days Rent
Rebooked Price: $56.25
Saved $26.51

Recommended by a friend, and it never failed me! Seamless, easy, and saved us money. I have to say it's very smart. And best is that I don't pay anything for this amazing service.
Original Price: $89.12, 4 Days Rent
Rebooked Price: $72.40
Saved $16.72

We rent a car from Nice to Paris and it did save us both money and time. Their follow-up rental tracking feature is especially useful. Will definitely use this site again in the future.
Nice, France
Original Price: $32.4, 2 Days Rent
Rebooked Price: $28.20
Saved $4.2

Saved me a little bit but it really worked. I chose price drop alerts for my booking and I think I will try auto-rebook function next time.
Edinburgh, Scotland
Original Price: $132.82, 5 Days Rent
Rebooked Price: $118.90
Saved $13.92

I've used Easyrentcars.com several times and they have saved me money each time. Price Drop Protector is the best concept ever!
Sydney, Australia
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