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Guest reviews

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August 27, 2019 Destination: Ljubljana

10Excellent experience!

All the recommendation! Everything went smoothly!

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August 25, 2019 Destination: Ljubljana


We were a bit disappointed about the rental of a booster for our child- we didn’t get our suitcase with our booster in it so we had no choice but to rent one for 60 euros. We received our suitcase a day later and tried to return the booster and get a partial refund but they didn’t agree.

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August 14, 2019 Destination: Ljubljana


very good staff

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August 9, 2019 Destination: Ljubljana

6.3Don't rent with GreenMotion!

The car was filled with scratches and dings, which was fine for driving. However, when we came back, there was a very small scratch on the front bumper (smaller than a quarter) that was made when we bumped some dirt. They made a huge deal about it and are taking it to the "insurance" and are going to charge us. I believe they will pocket the money since they clearly have not fixed the other spots on the car. Very dishonest, do not rent with them!

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February 5, 2019 Destination: Ljubljana

8.7Very Good

Confusing to find the drop-off location. No sign where is parking place of that rent a car company.

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September 7, 2018 Destination: Ljubljana

9.8Hassle Free Car Rental

Like: Everything was fine... Car had no problems and was quite new.

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July 10, 2018 Destination: Ljubljana


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C Abraham

April 18, 2019 Destination: Ljubljana


Car was a bit banged up and I was given an Opel Astra instead of a i20 not a deal breaker but I did see cheaper quote for an Opel Astra by another company. Staff was very helpful and friendly

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Frequently asked questions

Q1.What is an insurance excess?

The excess is the amount you'll only be liable for in case of damage(under Collision Damage Waiver) or theft(under Theft Protection) of the vehicle.
Information about the excess will be clearly stated in the price inclusion when you reserve a car on EasyRentCars.

Q2. How can I add an addtional driver?

You are advised to make a request upon your arrival at the rental counter. Additional charge per day will incur unless '1 Additional Driver Included' is stipulated on the rental.
Please note that the same licence and age requirement applys to the additonal driver. The addtional driver is supposed to present the required licence document along with the main driver at pickup.

Q3.What if I want to pick up or drop off my rental car out of office hours?

EasyRentCars will show you the car offers available at your chosen time on the search results.
However, pick-up or drop-off out of general opening hours may subject to an extra fee unless self-service pick-up or drop-off is available.
After you reserve a car on EasyRentCars, we will inform you of specific policy of the car hire company by email.

Q4. Can I take the hired car to another country or cross border?

If you want to pick up your car in one country and drop it in another, your search results will show you cars you can do that with.
If you're planning to cross any borders during your trip, bear in mind:
1. You may have to pay more.
There are often extra fees, taxes or additional cover you'll pay at the car hire counter.
2.It may not be allowed.
Depending on where you're hiring, you may not be able to take your car to another country.
Please email us if you want to take your hire car into a different country during your trip, and we'll talk you through your options.

Q5. Can I pick up my car at one location and return it at different location?

Yes. You can pick up the vehicle in one place and drop it off in another. An ‘one-way fee’ will incur. Whether it is inclued in the rental price or what additional cost may arise will be clearly stated at the time of booking on EasyRentCars.
Please inform the car hire company of your drop-off location when you pick up the vehicle or contact them directly during your trip. You will find a phone number on the rental agreement you signed at pickup.

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