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Discover wonderful Perth, Western Australia, Australia with EasyRentCars

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. Due to it being isolated from other major cities in Australia, it is known as "The Most Isolated Capital in the World". The whole city is located on the riverbank with blue skies and white clouds. With a vast living space and a high quality of life, Perth is one of the best cities to live in the world.


Lost in Perth

Perth is located on the west coast of the Australian continent. Due to its mild Mediterranean climate and its unique scenery along the Swan River, Perth has become a popular tourist destination for travelers.

There are many interesting things to do in Perth, most of which are close to nature. Watch a spectacular sunset on the Indian Ocean coast; take a hike in the beautiful Kings Park to get close to the unique plants and birds of Australia; take your friends or family to catch abalone crabs in the shallow waters... For travelers who are fascinated with sports, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Swan River with locals while jogging or cycling.

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    Image source: 98five.com
    Stop A : Kings Park
    It’s the best place to get a panoramic view of Perth, including the 170,000㎡ botanical garden. Every September, it hosts Australia's largest wildlife flower exhibition.
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    Image source: visitperthcity.com
    Stop B : Hay Street Mall
    Situated in the north of St. George's Avenue, it’s the commercial center of Perth.
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    Image source: boatadvice.com.au
    Stop C : Swan River
    It divides Perth into 2 parts: St. George's Avenue, the financial center, and intensive government institutions as the official street. You may also see black swans.
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    Image source: sightseeingpassaustralia.com
    Stop D : Caversham Wildlife Park
    A famous zoo on the outskirts that offers you the chance to touch and feed koalas and kangaroos. Don't forget to take a picture with these fury and cute creatures!

Let “Lonely City” be hilarious

The city of Perth is not that vast but has many surrounding attractions worth a visit, allowing travelers to enjoy the different scenery along the East Coast, which is more primitive, with more flavor and more amorous feelings.

In order to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way from Perth to areas and attractions around Perth, renting a car from the airport or the city center is highly recommended for travelers.

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    Image source: westernaustralia.com
    Stop A : Margaret River
    It’s a famous wine making district in Western Australia with more than 60 types of vineyards. Travelers can participate in the annual Leeuwin Estate concert as well.
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    Image source: penguinisland.com.au
    Stop B : Penguin Island
    You can take photos as you wish here to record those cute penguins. Travelers mainly come here to watch the feeding performance and admire the view of this island.
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    Image source: life.intercontinental.com
    Stop C : Rottnest Island
    With crystal-clear bays, snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing, and cycling around are the highlights here. An indigenous hallmark is the cute short-tailed kangaroo.
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    Image source: lifetomyfullest.com
    Stop D : Lancelin
    Away from the city, travelers can enter this unique white desert by sea. The most amazing activities are taking the 4WD and experiencing the skiing on the sand!
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    Image source: experienceoz.com.au
    Stop E : Pinnacles
    This is a paradise for the photography enthusiast. As a natural wonder, Pinnacles has a high ornamental value. The endless spires make people admire the magic of nature.

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