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Take your kids on a trip to Orlando! Orlando is indeed the heaven for children and is a highly recommended place for family trips.

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45 min
Stop B
10 min
Stop C
21 min
Stop D
58 min
Stop E
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    Stop A : LEGOLAND Florida
    It’s the world's largest Lego theme park. The park’s highlights are the Lego plastic miniature models of many famous architectures in America.
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    Stop B : Disney Animal Kingdom
    It's a theme park of the Walt Disney World and also the first park focusing on animal conservation. Step inside, you will be transported to the African savannah.
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    Stop C : Disney Magic Kingdom
    It's the largest and most engaging historic site and the best place for children. You can find animated cartoon characters and enjoy wonderful fireworks in the evening.
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    Stop D : The Universal Studio
    It was built with the adults in mind. It's dominated by breathtaking rides and attractions that are based on Hollywood movies. Step in to enjoy the magical world.
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    Stop E : Kennedy Space Center
    It prides itself as the most famous space center in the world where you can discover and feel the past, present and future of the American space program.