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Discover wonderful Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with EasyRentCars

Melbourne, also known as the "Garden City", is the capital and the largest city of the state of Victoria. Over 40% of the city is covered in greenery! Victorian buildings, trams, opera houses, galleries, museums, tree-lined gardens and streets make up the elegant style of Melbourne. With its quiet Yarra Valley and St Kilda Beach, Melbourne is like a graceful woman with crowns. This charming city has an exquisite temperament. Although it is hard to see through her mysterious exterior, as long as you are close to her, her artistic breath will overcome you.

In Melbourne, classic and modern buildings coexist and intertwine with each other. Its roads are wide, clean and tidy with few people; while its parks and gardens are lush and luxuriant. It’s a perfect place for renting a car to explore Melbourne city and its surroundings. The highways here are toll-free. Driving along the 300km long Great Ocean Road, one of the most incredible coastlines in the world, is an experience to remember. The most striking attraction is the limestone cliff of Port Campbell, one of the photographer's favorite Australian landscapes. It’s highly recommended to get rental cars in advance from EasyRentCars and pick it up directly from the Melbourne Airport or from the branches in the downtown.


City of arts

It’s really hard to describe Melbourne in one word due to its diverse culture. In one second you will see the Victorian elegance of the old buildings, the next second, around the corner you might see some colorful graffiti. In the meantime, it’s an inclusive city that is not only a showcase of cuisines around the world but also a visual feast of the striking art.

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    Image source: architectureanddesign.com.au
    Stop A : Federation Square
    With its avant-garde architectural design, it integrates various capacities of art, activities, leisure, sightseeing and outdoor venues as a cultural center for citizens.
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    Image source: thingdoer.com
    Stop B : Hosier Lane
    It’s the most influential place in the city center with its unique 3D paintings on display. If you’re lucky enough you may see street artists plying their painting show.
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    Image source: littlebird.co.uk
    Stop C : St. Paul’s Cathedral
    Walking inside, the sound of traffic disappears; you will feel only a sense of calm and serenity. The high ceiling and the long corridor lead you to the temple of prayer.
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    Image source: slv.vic.gov.au
    Stop D : State Library of Victoria
    Free to enter, it's a good place to seek inspiration. Immerse in knowledge and discovery that shows displays on the cultural, life, history and status quo of Victoria.
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    Image source: cosmosmagazine.com
    Stop E : The University of Melbourne
    Founded in 1953 as a famous comprehensive university, The University of Melbourne is the 2nd oldest university in Australia (3 years later than the University of Sydney).

Foodie’s safari

Whether you're on vacation or for business travel, how can you miss the exquisite brunch in Melbourne? A cup of coffee and a good meal will make your perfect day!

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    Image source: gggiraffe.blogspot.com
    Stop A : The Glass Den
    Located in Cobourg it is known for its tasty breakfast and immense culinary innovation, indulge in some creative concoctions here and feel the magic.
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    Image source: coffeeteatravels.com
    Stop B : Seven Seeds
    It's a great place for enjoying the ambience and satisfying your taste buds. Their coffee made by the owner, the father of Melbourne’s coffee, is especially recommended.
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    Image source: tripadvisor.com
    Stop C : Manchester Press
    Although it specializes in all kinds of shellfish, every dish is delicious! You will also be impressed at their portions, totally worth trying.

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