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Discover wonderful Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia with EasyRentCars

Kuala Lumpur is a metropolis city, a fusion of the modern and classic, eastern and western civilization. When you travel here, not only will you feel the fashion of this modern city but also sense its historical marks. Kuala Lumpur is full of beautiful "Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ", orchids, frangipanis and the precious sarracenias. Dense tropical plants and classic architecture left from the colonial times intertwine together. Experience the exotic feeling of Kuala Lumpur, by renting a car and driving to the outskirts of town where museums, zoos and natural landscape reflect the insight guides.


City exploration

Car rental service in Kuala Lumpur is convenient, you can book online in advance and pick up directly in the airport or you can hop on the public transportation to find a rental counter in the city. However, the downtown-airport shuttle will burn a hole in your pocket. Some tourists may choose to take a taxi but do be weary of the many scams and dishonest drivers that come with it.

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Stop A
13 min
Stop B
13 min
Stop C
5 min
Stop D
  • attractions1
    Image source: desktopwallpapers4.me
    Stop A : Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC)
    It’s currently the tallest connected building in the world with 88 stories (452m) high. Ascending it, especially in the night, will reward one with a magnificent scenery.
  • attractions2
    Image source: umconference.um.edu.my
    Stop B : Kuala Lumpur Tower
    It’s a 421-meter-high wireless communication tower. At the top of it, you will be greeted with the gorgeous scenery and the local delicacies at the revolving restaurant.
  • attractions2
    Image source: mahalo.cz
    Stop C : Dataran Merdeka
    On Aug 31, 1957, the national flag began flying here after Malaysia gained independence from Britain. The trademark "I LOVE KL" is at the city corridor near the square.
  • attractions2
    Image source: simplediscoveries.com
    Stop D : National Mosque
    It’s the largest mosque in Southeast Asia with the unique style of its modern design, the layered umbrella roof. It can hold up to 8000 people praying at the same time.

Foodie’s safari

Apart from those popular attractions, it’s a pity if you come to Kuala Lumpur without tasting its local cuisine.

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Stop A
15 min
Stop B
10 min
Stop C
  • attractions1
    Image source: lildingding.blogspot.com
    Stop A : Ban Lee Restaurant
    It is said that this restaurant is a 35-year-old shop with an ancestral recipe. Bak Kut Teh is a broth made from pork bones, its unique flavor is famous around the world.
  • attractions1
    Image source: flickr.com
    Stop B : Jalan Alor
    It's the most famous food street in the city with more than 50 years' history. It houses more than 100 kinds of delicacies such as baked chicken wings, satay and so on.
  • attractions1
    Image source: kuala-lumpur.ws
    Stop C : China Town
    Small but lively, it keeps a strong Chinese flavor with its Chinese-style arches, buildings, and street structure, reflecting all aspects of the Chinese culture.

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