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Joensuu Car Rental

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    from US$ 30 per day
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  • Best price car rentals
  • Rental Locations
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Best price car rentals in Joensuu

Last updated on: February 15, 2020

  • Economy, Intermediate & Others

    • Toyota Auris

      US$ 35/day

      Rent a car
    • Ford Focus

      US$ 36/day

      Rent a car
    • Skoda Rapid

      US$ 37/day

      Rent a car
      • Peugeot 207

        US$ 39/day

      • Volkswagen Golf

        US$ 43/day

      • Ford Focus Estate

        US$ 45/day

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      • Budget Joensuu Seat Leon Estate Rental

        US$ 45/day

      • Budget Joensuu Skoda Leon Rental

        US$ 45/day

      • AVIS Joensuu Volkswagen Golf Estate Rental

        US$ 53/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Toyota Auris Wagon Rental

        US$ 57/day

      • Hertz Joensuu Volvo V40 Rental

        US$ 65/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Seat Leon Rental

        US$ 72/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Mercedes-Benz A Class Rental

        US$ 89/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Renault Megane Estate Rental

        US$ 101/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Toyota Corolla Rental

        US$ 104/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Mercedes-Benz CLA Rental

        US$ 110/day

      • Scandia Rent Joensuu Volkswagen Polo Rental

        US$ 32/day

      • Budget Joensuu Skoda Fabia Rental

        US$ 33/day

      • Hertz Joensuu Ford Fiesta Rental

        US$ 38/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Nissan Micra Rental

        US$ 38/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Peugeot 207 Rental

        US$ 39/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Toyota Yaris Rental

        US$ 47/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Seat Ibiza Rental

        US$ 70/day

      • Scandia Rent Joensuu Ford Ka Rental

        US$ 30/day

      • Budget Joensuu Toyota Aygo Rental

        US$ 33/day

      • Budget Joensuu Volkswagen up Rental

        US$ 33/day

      • Budget Joensuu Volkswagen up! Rental

        US$ 33/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Joensuu Opel Karl Rental

        US$ 35/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Chevrolet Spark Rental

        US$ 38/day

      • Budget Joensuu Skoda Octavia Rental

        US$ 45/day

      • AVIS Joensuu Toyota Avensis Rental

        US$ 53/day

      • Budget Joensuu Toyota Avensis Wagon Rental

        US$ 55/day

      • Budget Joensuu Skoda Octavia Estate Rental

        US$ 55/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Joensuu Audi A3 Rental

        US$ 64/day

      • Hertz Joensuu Ford Mondeo Rental

        US$ 69/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Audi A4L Rental

        US$ 154/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Volvo V60 Rental

        US$ 154/day

  • Full Size, Premium & Luxury

    • BMW 5 Series

      US$ 150/day

      Rent a car
    • Mercedes-Benz E Class

      US$ 157/day

      Rent a car
    • Mercedes-Benz S Class

      US$ 357/day

      Rent a car
      • Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-class

        US$ 803/day

      • Audi A4

        US$ 99/day

      • Mercedes-Benz C Class

        US$ 125/day

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      Fold up

      • Budget Joensuu Audi A6 Rental

        US$ 128/day

      • Hertz Joensuu Volvo XC60 Rental

        US$ 172/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Volkswagen Jetta Rental

        US$ 58/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Volkswagen Passat Rental

        US$ 84/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Volkswagen Passat Estate Rental

        US$ 85/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Skoda Superb Estate Rental

        US$ 107/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Skoda Superb Rental

        US$ 113/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Lexus IS Rental

        US$ 135/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Toyota Prado Rental

        US$ 270/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Tesla Model X Rental

        US$ 385/day

      • AVIS Joensuu BMW 3 Series Rental

        US$ 118/day

      • Europcar Joensuu BMW 318 Estate Rental

        US$ 101/day

      • Europcar Joensuu BMW 3 Series Touring Rental

        US$ 105/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Joensuu BMW 318 Touring Rental

        US$ 106/day

      • Hertz Joensuu Volvo V60 Estate Rental

        US$ 132/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate Rental

        US$ 142/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate Rental

        US$ 168/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Audi A6 Estate Rental

        US$ 162/day

      • Europcar Joensuu Audi A6 Avant Rental

        US$ 167/day

      • SIXT Joensuu Mercedes-Benz C Class Cabrio Rental

        US$ 201/day

  • SUV

  • Van & Pickup Truck

3 Car Rental Brands in Joensuu, Eastern Finland, Finland

4Rental Locations

3Airport Locations

  • Budget
  • Keddy by Europcar
  • Finn-Rent

Map View of Car Rental Locations in Joensuu

7 Car Rental Locations at Joensuu Airport (JOE)

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