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1 Car Rental Brands in Angouleme, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

2Rental Locations

  • Europcar

Map View of Car Rental Locations in Angouleme

Customer Reviews of Car Rentals

  • Europcar


    • T.Yarr


      9.3/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: August 18, 2019

      I loved how small yet zippy it was. The only problem was the battery died on one day and while the service was super polite, I was on hold for a VERY long time, eating up a whole afternoon. Part of this was my fault. I gave them the wrong [an old] French phone number. I had to call back to fix the error and then I was listening to some pretty terrible muzak for a looooong time. Once I connected there seemed to be some confusion: I was not in the system. It didn't occur to the man that I hadn't yet even been put in the queue. Once that was cleared up it wasn't long before a serviceman helped with boosting the car. A quick tutorial on the lights, etc, when I picked the vehicle up, might have [I'm not sure why the batter died, neither was the serviceman] avoided the whole scenario. Fortunately, I didn't have a train to catch that day and it just pushed back a trip to the grocery store.

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Car Rentals Near Landmarks or Places of Interest in Angouleme

  • Golf Course

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