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Large SUV | Chevrolet Tahoe or similar
“Cheap, reliable and smooth car rental, just what you need to make your holiday even better”
About Alamo: 10.0 /10
At the end unfortunately we did not get the car what we wanted, but we got the same size same power it was great, we covered 2 thousands miles we dropped it off to a different branch, it was all smooth well done Alamo and EasyRentCars!
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
We got some discounts through EasyRentCara.com, if i need a car next time on my holiday definitely choose you again, great job, thanks!
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Economy | Toyota Yaris or similar
“Value for money”
About Thrifty: 7.7 /10
Offering thryfty insurance a bit confusing after having full insurance by third party.
About Easyrentcars: 9.0 /10
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Compact | Ford Focus Estate or similar
About Target Rent Italy: 10.0 /10
Excellent service!
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Compact | Hyundai i20 or similar
“Great experience!”
About SURPRICE RENT A CAR: 9.7 /10
Car is in great condition. Counter people are very helpful. Price is very reasonable. We are going to use this company again and definitely recommend it to everyone else.
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
I used this site a lot recently. I do find many good deals from it. I find it convenient and reliable.
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019

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Compact | Mazda 3 or similar
About Dollar: 9.0 /10
For our opinion we received a lower class of the car than we paid for!
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Large SUV | Skoda Kodiaq 7 Seats Model Guaranteed
“Green Motion has the worst customer service.”
About GREEN MOTION: 5.7 /10
The green motion attendants sold us cross border insurance of 45 euros even though we did NOT cross the Bosnia border. When we tried to rectify the situation with Greem Motion, we were rudely dismissed and not refunded. Very disappointed.
About Easyrentcars: 7.0 /10
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Medium SUV | Toyota RAV4 or similar
About Thrifty: 5.7 /10
The process pretty much went smooth but did have a time finding the drop off location. Parked in one spot only to be told that I needed to move it around. Also we chose to bring car back empty as they explained it was much cheaper as they got a deal at 93 cent. Overall I would certainly use Thrifty again as by far the cheapest. I did book it very early on, like March, for our trip in September.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Easyrent cars went smooth. Quick easy booking on line and customer service was polite when I called.
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Mini | Fiat 500 or similar
About OK RENT A CAR: 7.3 /10
Pesima atención al cliente, personal totalmente desmotivado y sin ganas de trabajar. La simpatía brilla por su ausencia entre sus trabajadores. No lo recomiendo para nada. Y aún no me han devuelto la fianza que supuestamente devolvian el mismo día de la entrega del vehículo.
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Medium SUV | Nissan Rogue or similar
“Everyone should use this site I looked at a lot of sites”
About Thrifty: 10.0 /10
Band new 2020 model very nice
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Easy to use I already booked another rental
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019


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Full Size | Chevrolet Malibu or similar
“Excellent Service, Great Car”
About Thrifty: 9.3 /10
Excellent Service
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Sep 28, 2019
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