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Learn What Real EasyRentCars Customers Say About Your Car Rental Company


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Full Size Van | KIA Carnival or similar
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 7.3 /10
車両にキズが多くあり、受取り時に写真を撮って 受取りした。 スタッフに、多少日本語がわかる人が居たら最高。
Reviewed: Nov 12, 2019


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Economy | Kia Morning or similar
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 9.0 /10
Process is fast and smooth. Car had a slight smell.
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Oct 15, 2019

Joey O

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Economy | Hyundai Avante or similar
“Excellent car rental with lotte”
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 9.0 /10
Car is new and clean. GPS is working good. Counter can speak basic English.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: May 20, 2019


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Intermediate | Hyundai Avante or similar
“3 days rental in jeju”
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 9.2 /10
Like: The staff was very helpful.
Dislike: Perhaps your company could provide a map in the nearest petrol station near the rental company because when we booked the car with full tank, we need to return with full tank too.
Reviewed: Sep 9, 2018

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Economy | Kia Morning or similar
“Process to solve the issue of a punctured tyre.”
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 6.0 /10
The counter staff were not very fluent in English, leading to communication being slightly difficult. This was problematic especially as there were many things that we could not clarify. The guy who brought us to the car also did not explain much due to language barrier. Our tyre was punctured during our trip and we called the LOTTE RENT A CAR number that they provided for about at least 5 times, but no one answered the call. It was always engaged.
About Easyrentcars: 9.0 /10
We called Easyrentcars when we were unable to contact LOTTE RENT A CAR when our car tyre was punctured. Although we explained quite awhile to the customer service officer, we were very thankful when she managed to get LOTTE RENT A CAR to contact us. It was great that the LOTTE lady who contacted us could speak English too. Must really compliment Easyrentcar and ChenSun (who emailed me to inform me that she contacted LOTTE to contact me) for assisting us because I am quite sure it would had been difficult to reach LOTTE through the number they provided. Thank you so much! The LOTTE lady explained about the additional fees for the insurance for the new car, and called back promptly after we sent her pictures of our destination and condition of the car. A new car was sent to our location about an hour and a half later. However the guy who came did not speak much English too but we managed to communicate a bit. He asked whether we were explained about the insurance and got me to sign some papers which were in Korean. He also managed to inform me that as we used about half the tank of fuel for the car with the punctured tyre, we would need to pay a certain amount for the fuel too. When we returned the car, they charged me an amount (i assumed was the fuel and insurance for the new car as there wasn't much explanation too, but the figures tallied approximately to the amount that i was informed about the insurance and the fuel for the previous car). I was just thankful that Easyrentcars was able to assist us in contacting LOTTE and explaining the situation to them despite the language barrier. Thank you!
Reviewed: May 19, 2019


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Mini | Kia Morning or similar
“Process of booking online was fast and efficient. ”
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 8.2 /10
Like: Picking and returning the rental car was smooth. Very happy that there was an English speaking staff who attended to us.
Dislike: More flexibility in terms of car returning times.
Reviewed: May 3, 2018


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Mini Van | New Kia Carnival 9P or similar
“great driving experience ”
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 8.0 /10
Like: car is spacious
Dislike: Car is big and sometimes hard to negotiate on Jeju narrow roads and carparks
Reviewed: May 15, 2018

Lim Zhi Yuan

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Intermediate | Hyundai Avante or similar
“Just go for LOTTE RENT A CAR”
About LOTTE RENT A CAR: 10.0 /10
Like: fast and efficient staffs
Dislike: the gps navigation system
Reviewed: Jun 30, 2018

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