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Unsatisfied Customer

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Intermediate | Nissan Versa Note or similar
“Worst experience ever! Save your money and go to a legitimate company.”
About Economi Cars: 2.0 /10
I should have known from the start that this place has no regard for customers, as they had me waiting outside in the sun and heat for over an hour past the pick-up time, untill someone finally arrived to open up the office. Once inside, rather than just collecting the basic information, since everything was already paid through the booking app, they presented me with a bill that included taxes and fees I had already paid, plus an imposed charge for insurance and sunpass tolls, after already mentioning I did not need. Upon reviewing all the charges and double checking the terms and fees I agreed to on the app, I immediately called customer service and told them this rental place was trying to force me to pay additional money to rent me the vehicle. Customer service prompted to call and speak directly with the owner of the rental company to let him now that I had already payed for the rental and that he was breaking the terms of their agreement by charging and imposing fees on top of what I had already paid through the app. After they hung up, the customer service rep called me back to reassure me that everything was taken care of and that the owner agreed to not charge any additional money. I was very relieved to hear that and proceed to wait for the owner and agent to rectify the paperwork. After waiting over 30 minutes, they finally presented me with the paperwork, but as I looked it over I quickly realized that the charges were not gone, and now trying to manipulate me out of my deposit, which rather than being placed on the deposit line, was now placed under "sumpass charges" and tried to cleverly shift the numbers around and place a credit to disguise the fact. I immediately called this to their attention, and the owner aggressively snatched it from my hands and ripped it up and then proceeded to kick me out and threatened to call the police on me for trespassing. I wasted 4 hours, only to end up stranded outside their sketchy office withou
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Aug 5, 2019


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Intermediate | Nissan Versa Note or similar
“The Full Price Isn't The Full Price”
About Economi Cars: 6.0 /10
I don't write trashy reviews for places and I don't intend for this to be one. I would just like for you to be aware of what you are getting when you book with Economi Cars. First of all, our car was almost brand new, spotlessly clean, and excellent on gas. After that was surprises. On our rental confirmation we had paid for all taxes, fees, etc and amount due at pickup was $0. When we arrived at the airport we went to find the Free Shuttle. There wasn't one. I tried several phone numbers and finally got ahold of a gentleman. I told them who I was and that I was needing a shuttle. He hung up on me. Soon I got a phone call from a lady wondering what I needed. I explained and she said that she would be right over. After about 30 minutes she did come and pick us up. We were taken to a building where we went through a few locked doors and up a flight of stairs. We got to a large empty office and the paperwork was taken care of. Then I was asked for my credit card to pay $200 in charges. Now $150 of that was refundable as long as I stayed off of all toll roads. $30 was for FL State Tax and $20 was because I brought my own insurance. So just for the sake of clarity. The price you pay is not the full price. They made it clear that what is paid online is the base price and then there are fees on top of that. Somehow the fact that my confirmation paper said that I owe them $0 didn't matter.The car drove well and we went all the way to Key West and back. We had arranged to return the car at 9:30 am two days later. We arrived back at the "office" at 9:29 and tried to get in but the locked door kept that from happening. After 3 more phone calls, help from the guy who owns the body shop next door, and a 45 minute wait on someone to show up, someone finally showed up. The only problem was that we were supposed to catch a flight. The guy did get us to the airport then just in time. Again, I don't want to be ugly but I would just like for people to be informed because we
Reviewed: Aug 31, 2019


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Full Size | Toyota Camry or similar
About Economi Cars: 2.0 /10
They are very shady business
Reviewed: Sep 3, 2019

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