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Compact | Nissan Almera or similar
“The company do not provide credit card facilities especiall”
About Cmore: 5.3 /10
the car is okay. changed from almeira to civic which is good. no counter during arrival. person need to be contact. hard for tourist which do not have local line to call. no credit card facilities to perform deposit on the car. luckily local manager is negotiable to the deposit value
About Easyrentcars: 7.0 /10
Reviewed: Jul 23, 2019

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Compact | Nissan Almera or similar
“Will not choose Cmore in future”
About Cmore: 6.7 /10
It can best reflect whether the service is good or not when in bad situation. I carelessly damaged the left front bumper when reversing to a parking lot in the first day and immediately returned the car to the hire company. In the last day before I left, I actually expect that I need to pay some (although the booking contract says collision damage waiver), but I cannot get their genuine reply about the part I need to pay. The guy who dealt with me face-to-face and his boss whom I talked over the phone are asking for different cost (I can see that they just want to show the big number and then easier to charge me higher, but even they themselves are not aligned on one number). They listed down many items (total $50,000THB) and even included 14days "sunk cost" at $10,000THB (cannot use when in repair). To me, this is not a reasonable charge and they were just trying to get most from me.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Apr 19, 2019

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Compact | Nissan Almera or similar
“Nice drive with upgrade car”
About Cmore: 8.7 /10
Very pleasing person greet us at the information desk, very helpful. We got an upgrade to Honda Civic, but was not washed properly. Overall great car to drive and great rental price offered. Would love to book again with Cmore. The person asked for cash for security, which was not pre-informed. The security deposit can't be made using credit or debit cards
About Easyrentcars: 9.0 /10
Easy to book, as always. Got a great deal and full insurance coverage, which is easily overlooked by many.
Reviewed: Apr 22, 2019

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