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Learn What Real EasyRentCars Customers Say About Your Car Rental Company

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Economy | Renault Clio or similar
About AMIGO Car Rental: 3.7 /10
Prepare to wait a LONG time to pick up your car, and for there to be no signs at the airport to get you to the bus.
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Oct 8, 2019


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Mini | Fiat 500 or similar
“Long cues otherwise all ok”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 7.3 /10
Renting was ok although it took 30mins for the shuttle bus to arrive and 1h for the guys to give me a car, there was a long cue and I think it was managed poorly in terms of personnel, time, and space (too crowded).
About Easyrentcars: 7.0 /10
Reviewed: Oct 7, 2019


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Mini | Fiat 500 or similar
“Ok, would use again.”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 8.0 /10
Fairly lengthy delay on pick-up, car ok but a lot of minor scuffs and scratches. Drop-off fine with no delays.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Booking process was ok, problem with no info on airport bus pick-up, this was resolved fairly quickly by email.
Reviewed: Sep 18, 2019


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Economy | Renault Clio or similar
“The pick up location needs to be signposted!”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 7.3 /10
The pick up location is extremely difficult to find. There is no sign up whatsoever for Amigo. This needs to be addressed urgently as we spent over an hour trying to find it.
Reviewed: Sep 6, 2019


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Mini | Fiat 500 or similar
“Poor, rip off, miss information.”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 6.0 /10
This company sold me insurance I didn't need. I had to purchase it or I couldn't take the car
Reviewed: Aug 18, 2019


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Small SUV | Nissan Qashqai or similar
“Disappointed ”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 6.7 /10
Love the car, customer service disgusting, made us wait over 1 hour for the keys when they where already in the office waiting to be given to me, tried selling me more insurance and tried scaring me just in case I crash. Need signs outside their company so you can find the place.
Reviewed: Aug 5, 2019


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Mini | Fiat 500 or similar
“A éviter ou faire preuve de prudence”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 4.7 /10
La personne au guichet en plus d’être peu agréable a voulu nous vendre des assurances supplémentaires. Quand nous avons refusé, car nous avions déjà l’assurance Axa, il s’est montré arrogant en nous disant que la moindre rayure serait à notre charge car l’assurance ne nous couvrait pas du tout. Il a beaucoup insisté pour nous montrer les tarifs de l’agence en cas de rayure... et en nous recommandant plusieurs fois de prendre l’assurance. Vous faites le Check in seul. La voiture est livré très peu propre. Poussiéreuse et avec des taches de savon. Pour masquer les rayures et les mettre sur notre dos à notre retour ? Nous avons photographié toute la voiture sous toutes ses coutures. Pendant le Check in d’autres clients se sont fait embêter pour une rayure prise en photo mais non signifié sur le papier. Le retour s’est bien passé. Nous sommes tombé sur un agent sympa et agréable.
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Sans soucis particulier.
Reviewed: Aug 2, 2019


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Mini | Fiat 500 or similar
“Lovely car, great value for money. Pick up is by shuttle bus.”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 7.7 /10
The pick up was very difficult as I had received no map or directions and I didn’t know there was a shuttle bus. I used a taxi, who also struggled to find ‘Amigo Autos’ as it was inside a car rental building called OK Car Rentals (confusing).
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Very good booking experience. However, a set of directions explaining how to get to the rental centre for pick up from the arrivals terminal would have been helpful.
Reviewed: Aug 1, 2019


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Compact | Seat Leon or similar
“Pretty good”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 8.3 /10
Better car than booked was offfered
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Easy to use site
Reviewed: Jul 22, 2019

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Economy | Renault Clio or similar
“I still haven't got my deposit back and you're asking for feedback? We were hit with 15e pd extra”
About AMIGO Car Rental: 6.3 /10
No hidden extras and give me my money you're holding
Reviewed: Aug 8, 2019

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