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A car to meet our needs.

About YESAWAY: 9.0 /10
Like: Had a small mishap with the driver's side of the side mirror. Had a replacement vehicle for a top up of a small additional sum. The staffs ( 思思 and 田甜) were extra friendly.
Reviewed: Dec 23, 2017
Economy | Toyota Vios Model Guaranteed

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C.La Grange

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Large SUV | Toyota Fortuner 7 Seats Model Guaranteed
“Too Little Competition inside Terminal Building and so Able to be overly Bureaucratic ”
About YESAWAY: 9.0 /10
Don't know what the difference is between yesaway and Easyrent??!! I rented another car for infinitely less hassle, infinitely less (x10) bureaucracy, much smaller lien on my card and able to use any card debit or credit, let alone a card with my name on it. Staff less like government functionaries etc. You and Avis et al have got the slots in the terminal tied up and good for you, but it sure limits competion, bad for me. Off course now know that there are alternatives to you and ...... on my future regular visits to Phuket.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Jan 1, 2020


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Compact | Nissan Almera Model Guaranteed
“Smooth process ”
About YESAWAY: 9.7 /10
Counter staff were very helpful.
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Dec 26, 2019


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Economy | Toyota Yaris Model Guaranteed
About YESAWAY: 9.3 /10
Yesaway's staff so nice. Thank you for take care my family.
About Easyrentcars: 9.0 /10
Reviewed: Dec 24, 2019
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