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Not Given what I rented

About JC: 2.0 /10
Worst possible operation possible. Transportation didn’t meet needs of family size. Never responded to my emails. Rude when called to talk to rep on phone. I was told owner is out of the country and can’t do anything to make it right. Was going to be given another van but was lied to about it being rented... it had a flat tire. I took a picture in case you forget. Also the upcharges were definitely a blindside considering I was told the toll pass would activate at no charge... my receipt says $50. That’s not free. Being told I could go rent somewhere else last minute is a joke. Scam of a business. I will be posting online to make future renters aware.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Aug 29, 2019
Full Size Van | Dodge Grand Caravan or similar



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Medium SUV | Toyota RAV4 or similar
“Not a legit rental car company, Not known in the airport, outside of airport, no shuttle at all”
About JC: 2.0 /10
I called March 5th, 2019 before my flight on March 20th, 2019 and asked where in the airport they were located, a guy name Guillermo told me to follow the signs, and I would get to their office. I arrived at FLL at 12:05 am I took the shuttle to the building where all the rental cars are, and there is no JC car rental anywhere. I called the office phone number, and the owner/manager told me to get a uber ride to their location because they don't pick anybody from the airport this is after he hung up on me twice because I was telling him what Guillermo sad to me and that he lied. I also mention to the owner/manager that in the email I received it said to call for pick up and the owner/manager and hung on me the second time, he never gave me his name The owner/manager texted me their address. At 12:20 am by myself I talked to one of the shuttle drivers and ask for help and no one wanted to help until I spoke with a driver from Fox rental car (my angel) he took me to this place because JC rental car happened to be right across the street from Fox rental car, I gave him an excellent tip for helping me ( I don’t want to mention his name because I don’t want him to get in trouble) lets call him my angel. I went to JC rental car and a guy that barely spoke English was in charge at that office, that place didn't look professional, it was dirty, and right when I was ready to give him my credit card, he sad the auto insurance is $17.99 per day do you want it? I said no I have my auto insurance to cover me, he said, if your insurance company is not the one we work with you have to have our coverage, and of course, my company which is Travelers it wasn't in their list. So I got fed up of their unbelievable unprofessionalism, I cancel my reservation, and I went across the street to Fox rental car, and they were terrific. JC still owed me $24.71 that I paid to reserved the vehicle Stay away from this PLACE. They are NOT a LEGIT rental car. I’ll upload all the pictures that c
About Easyrentcars: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Apr 19, 2019


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Large SUV | Hyundai Santa Fe 7 Seats or similar
“Absolutely terrible... Worst experience ever”
About JC: 2.0 /10
There was no car... They had nothing for us... Had to go to Alamo
Reviewed: Feb 17, 2019


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Intermediate | Toyota Corolla or similar
“Never got the rental! No answer when calling for pickup. ”
About JC: 2.0 /10
JC never answered our calls to be picked up. After 2 hrs. of trying, we rented from another company.
Reviewed: Jan 26, 2019
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