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Hassle free car rental experience

About ACE Rental Cars: 9.8 /10
Like: Got a free upgrade. The car was in very good condition, so was the GPS device and the car seats for kids. Very friendly staff.
Dislike: Nothing in particular
Reviewed: Nov 20, 2017
Compact | Toyota Corolla Hatchback or similar

Relevant Reviews on ACE Rental Cars Sydney Airport

M.El Shafie

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Intermediate | Toyota Corolla or similar
“Good experience”
About ACE Rental Cars: 8.2 /10
Like: Price, value for money.
Dislike: Location, out of airport
Reviewed: Jan 5, 2018


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Compact | Toyota Corolla Hatchback or similar
“Attitude at drop off”
About ACE Rental Cars: 6.4 /10
Like: The lady I picked the car up from was lovely cheery made me feel comfortable.
Dislike: When I dropped the car off I had taken it to the BP around the corner to fill it up, which I definitely did. When I brought the car into the yard I was met by two workers one male one female, the woman went to inspect the car. When she came back she said everything was fine except there was one bar of the fuel gage missing, the way she spoke to me was appalling then the man piped up afte to explained I had just come from the BP to fill and the fuel pump clicked when it was full. He decided to say to me in the most condisending way that I will be charged the price of the fuel they need to put in plus a $50 admin charge, which u then replied I am happy to take the car back to the petrol station to try and put more in, I took the car back to the BP where I put $2 worrh of petrol in which while filling up I made sure the fuel pump Clicked not once but twice! I got receipts for both of the transactions and took it back to the yard where the fuel gage inside the car was still missing a bar. All in all the way I was spoken to was quite abrupt and condisending. Clearly there is an issue with the Cara fuel gage or it takes a lot longer to register the fuel input then normal. I do have another booking with ACE in a few weeks so hopefully I have a better experience at drop off.
Reviewed: Dec 9, 2017


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Compact | Toyota Corolla Hatchback or similar
“I have a great day at sydney”
About ACE Rental Cars: 8.0 /10
Like: Awesome!!
Dislike: Gos not functioning well, already setup to avoid tol highway but didn't respon well and we had to go through the tol 3x. We just used google maps instead.
Reviewed: Nov 14, 2017
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