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About Alamo: 7.0 /10
The car was not ready and the total wait time was 40 minutes. When I addressed this with the guy at the counter he said "you weren't here at 12:30" which was incorrect, we were in the queue waiting to be served and the car should have been ready at the time booked not 40 minutes later.
About Easyrentcars: 7.0 /10
Reviewed: May 12, 2019
Compact | Hyundai i20 or similar

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Compact | Hyundai i20 or similar
About Alamo: 7.3 /10
Hidden costs on the hire of booster seats, and it couldn't be explained why there was additional costs and how it come to the total that was being requested.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Oct 13, 2019

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Compact | Hyundai i20 or similar
“The car was in bad condition. It used huge amount of petro in a week. Central lock did not work etc.”
About Alamo: 7.7 /10
Reviewed: Feb 23, 2019


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Medium SUV | Mitsubishi Outlander or similar
“Generally very good”
About Alamo: 9.7 /10
The car was not quite what we had wanted...”similar”...but it was perfectly fine for what we needed it for. The cost of the child seat was significantly higher than what had been quoted due to additional location and airport charges which seemed completely unreasonable especially as it couldn’t even be installed for us.
About Easyrentcars: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Feb 18, 2019
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