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Excellent Value for Money

About HITCH Car Rentals: 9.2 /10
Like: Small economical vehicle which is what I was looking for the purpose of my trip.
Reviewed: Feb 25, 2018
Economy | Fiat Punto or similar

Relevant Reviews on HITCH Car Rentals Auckland Airport - Domestic Terminal


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Economy | Super Saver Car Older Economy Model Or Similar or similar
“Amazing Value for Money”
About HITCH Car Rentals: 10.0 /10
Like: The price was nothing like I was expecting but the service was great, very helpful and friendly staff, thanks a heap!
Reviewed: Aug 13, 2018


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Economy | Fiat Punto or similar
“100 % satisfaction!”
About HITCH Car Rentals: 9.6 /10
Like: The car is easy to drive, easy to park, petrol consumption is low, rental fees are reasonable. An Excellent mode of transportation for travel.
Reviewed: Jan 1, 2018


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Economy | Fiat Punto or similar
“Hitch Rentals”
About HITCH Car Rentals: 9.6 /10
Like: I liked how straight forward the whole process was, how obliging the staff were and the bang for buck.
Dislike: My partner got one car and I had another, her car was terrible to drive, no reflection on the company but if they had to update their cars I would suggest they don’t get anymore Fiat Puntos
Reviewed: Jan 1, 2018
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