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Great Car and Service -Valuae for money.

About AERODRIVE: 9.8 /10
Like: Efficient pick up from airport to office. Car late model in great condition. Easy, quick, real value for money.
Dislike: Both times I have rented the pick up has been at night, once in CHCH more recently AUCK. It has been near impossible on both occasions to check the vehicle. Lighting has been poor. On drop off in Auckland I parked the car, dropped the keys into office where they were busy. They took keys and asked had I filled the car. We got on the shuttle and were taken to the airport. on arrival at our destination I noticed I had a voice mail from AeroDrive stating the car was over due, where was it? I would have to pay an extra day, Police would need to be informed etc. I called and told them that the car was returned before the time required. They said there was some confusion in the office and left it at that. I was a little disappointed not to receive a communication later confirming they had located the car and apologising for their error.
Reviewed: Jan 5, 2018
Compact | Toyota Corolla Hatchback or similar



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Economy | Toyota Yaris or similar
About AERODRIVE: 9.6 /10
Like: amazing quality of vehicles and great services
Reviewed: Jul 21, 2018


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Intermediate SUV | Hyundai Tucson or similar
“Awesome service and car in perfect condition”
About AERODRIVE: 9.6 /10
Like: The car we received was the model we had booked. The car was in perfect condition, being one of the latest models and with low mileage.
Dislike: The car was a little bit dirty, having sand in the glove box, the inside door handles and the back of the front seats were sticky.
Reviewed: Jan 20, 2018


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Premium | BMW 3 Series or similar
“Fine folks”
About AERODRIVE: 8.2 /10
Like: Maria is a true island professional. From her smile to her manner to knowing what needs to be done without making a problem of it. Her relaxed style makes time with your company pleasant. She listened to what I said and I did not need to repeat. The pricing for my car was all inclusive. Major appreciation for this. It is the first time I have had such a relaxed experience with a car company. Most you never know what you have or do not have and everything is a bit of a hassle or a concern or a "wondering what they are going to do". Thank you.
Dislike: There is a major disconnect with your wifi offering. It was not ready to go, It was not charged. it would not charge in the car, It would not get a signal that would allow use anywhere except in the office. We tried two units and both had the same problems. I ended up using mcdonalds which is not very professional.
Reviewed: Nov 20, 2017
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