Why Our Customers Love EasyRentCars?

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Car rental rates change constantly. So we know you’re probably wondering how we guarantee the most competitive car rental deals for your travel? Our answer is Price Drop Protector (PDP), which is a patent innovation integrated through our online booking system to help you track down the lowest car rental prices.

Contrary to other price tracking mechanisms, you don’t have to manually input your itinerary more than once to set off the tracking. You simply choose to turn on the Price Drop Protector button on the confirmation page after check out and you will be fixed with the most competitive prices in the industry!

Read our customer reviews about how Price Drop Protector has improved their car rental experience tremendously:

It catches a lower priced rental whenever it is available.

EasyRentCars' customer review on Price Drop Protector saying "they had this price match where if it goes lower after you book it, they will rebook your trip with the lower rate. I was surprised it went lower because it was so close to my trip."

Regardless of your cancellation policy, Price Drop Protector will cease operations 24 hours prior to the free cancellation date to avoid cancellation fees. This means that you will be entitled to a full refund from your previous booking with a Pay Now or Pay Partial rental.

It’s a great time saver.

EasyRentCars' customer review on Price Drop Protector saying "It is great time saver to have someone checking on the lowest rate on your behalf"

Price Drop Protector saves you from the time and effort you would have spent on constantly getting a car rental quote from various sites and comparing them with your original bookings. You either wait for the system to automatically rebook or you can act accordingly to the price drop email alerts you will receive.

EasyRentCars' customer review on Price Drop Protector saying " Price drop protector is a great feature. Takes away from me checking if the price dropped on bookings which I’ve always done after my original bookings"

It’s a worry-free feature.

EasyRentCars' customer review on Price Drop Protector saying "I've been pleasantly surprised by EasyRentCars. Not only were prices reasonable, the auto rebooking is such a breeze and worry free. I would recommend this to anyone without hesitation"

Best of all… it’s for free!

Visit easyrentcars.com now.

EasyRentCars guarantees the most competitive car rental deals for your travel and the secret is our Price Drop Protector program! We can automatically track your rental rates and RE-BOOK you if prices drop! See how our customers love this feature here.

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