Game of Thrones: Spain Itinerary

Game of Thrones Spain

Here are 10 scenes from Game of Thrones in Spain, now explore them with EasyRentCars!

1. Bardenas Reales (Dothraki Sea)

 📍 Parque Natural de las Bardenas Reales, Camino las Bardenas Reales, 31513 Arguedas, Navarra, Spain

The routes start from the Bardenas Reales, a semi-desert located in the southeast of Navarra (Spain). Known as Cabezas, these isolated hills with surprising shapes were formed by the erosion of water and wind. In the White Bardena, as the soil is rich in gypsum, white salts cover the entire surface and create a pale white landscape but in the Black Bardena, it creates a different scene covered with vegetation.

The desert landscape and semi-desert geology make it ideal for capturing the action. Notably, this is where the Mother of Dragons was captured by the hostile Dothraki tribe in episode 1 of Game of Thrones season 6.

In reality, many Spaniards come to nature parks for hiking.

game of thrones Spain

2. Girona, Spain (the City of Braavos)

 📍 Located 99 km (62 mi) northeast of Barcelona

After seeing the Bardenas Reales, it takes more than 4 hours’ drive to Girona to experience the Mediterranean scenery of a medieval town. Located at the foot of the Pyrenees, the town is an old town on the right bank of the Onyar river. The city’s Catedral cathedral, Call street, Banys Arabs, Museu dArqueologia and many other famous attractions are in the city.

Girona’s iconic buildings, such as the cathedral and steps, as well as the ghetto and the Arab baths, appear in the play. In the play, here as Braavos free city, also known as Citadel, our dear Sam is here to improve his knowledge level.

game of thrones Spain

3. Santa Florentina Castle

 📍 Castell de Santa Florentina, Avenida Doctor María Serra, S/N, 08360 Canet de Mar, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

The castle, north of Barcelona, dates from the 11th century.

Play as Tarly family castle, which is Sam’s property, he brought back daughter-in-law is here. But it’s said that in the future, it will be destroyed.

game of thrones Spain

4. Peñiscola

 📍 Peñiscola, Avinguda del Papa Luna, 12598 Peníscola, Castelló, Spain

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. Facing the sea to the east and facing the plain to the back, it has a pleasant climate and is rich in rice and seafood. Therefore, it is also the land of fish and rice in Spain. Paella here can be called a unique dish. The most famous building in the city is the futuristic city of science and art.

It’s also a new scene from season 6, with Dorne in the show. With the fall of Dorne, there should be no more scenes to appear here.

game of thrones Spain

5. Alcazaba

 📍 Alcazaba, Calle Almanzor, s/n, 04002 Almería, Spain

Not far from the touristy Malaga in the southern Spanish province of Almeria, Alcazaba castle appears in the show as Dorne’s main town, as Jaime and boron climb the steps.

Then let’s head to location 6 and 7 in Sevilla. Seville is also the birthplace of flamenco and bullfighting.

game of thrones Spain

6. Plaza de Toros de Osuna

 📍 Plaza de Toros de Osuna, Calle Lantejuela, 8, 41640 Osuna, Sevilla, Spain

Meeren’s grand coliseum is here.

A line of the Mother of Dragons met tremendous trouble here, the critical moment her dragon falls from the sky.

Interestingly, right next to the set, a restaurant now offers the unique game of thrones Tapas set — you can have the Stark set, or the Targaryen set, for just 3 euros a plate!

game of thrones Spain

7. Alcázar de Sevilla

 📍 Real Alcázar de Sevilla, Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain

The palace courtyard of the Martell family comes from a view of the Reales Alcazares DE Sevilla in Seville. It is the oldest royal palace in Europe and took five centuries to build. As a former palace of Islam and Catholicism, the architecture is a fusion of Islam, Moorish, gothic and even Renaissance and baroque styles, which makes the details here interesting, such as the ceiling and decorative pillars of the throne room. Today, the palace of Seville is the property of the Spanish royal family, which visits it from time to time.

The running water garden was the private residence of the dorn ruler, a palace of fountains and gardens. This building carries many important stories of the Martell family. After the death of the “red snake” prince Oberon, aralia is determined to avenge the banisters with the sand snake sisters, while Jaime steps in to rescue princess Arlene and Bronn, and fights the sand snake sisters and the soldiers of Martell.

game of thrones Spain

8. Roman bridge of Córdoba

 📍 Puente Romano de Córdoba, Av. del Alcázar, s/n, 14003 Córdoba, Spain

The bridge is a very old one. It was built in the first century AD and is 247 meters long.

Here as Volantis’s Long Bridge. HBO used four slots and a drone for the shoot, pulling in epic wide angles to make the bridge look longer.

game of thrones Spain

9. Almodóvar del Rio

 📍 Almodóvar del Río, 14720, Córdoba, Spain

The castle sits on a hilltop and is surrounded by green, but below it is a cluster of white houses typical of Andalusia. From a distance, like the general painting.

There will be plenty of action in season 7. This is the historical moment when snow and the Mother of Dragons meet!

game of thrones Spain

10. Zafra Castle 

 📍 19360 Campillo de Dueñas, Guadalajara, Spain

The location of the tower of bliss is the Castillo DE Zafra in Campillo DE Duenas, La Mancha, Spain. Built-in the 7th century AD, the ancient fort of Safla is now a place of national cultural relics protection in Spain. When you step here, the feeling of loess ruins. The tower of bliss is a round tower south of Westeros. Prince Rhaegar Targaryen used it as a hiding place for Lyanna Stark, and their child, John Snow, was born there.

This is Siberia in Spain. It’s bitterly cold here in winter.

Here are 10 scenes from Game of Thrones in Spain concluded by EasyRentCars!

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