Top 10 Famous Italian Food You Shouldn’t Miss!

famous Italian Cuisine

One of the hardest things about eating in Italy is that you can’t eat whatever you want. Though you have a limited amount of space in your stomach, there seems to be an endless variety of Italian recipes that you definitely shouldn’t miss! Before you start panicking, EasyRentCars experts have prepared a list of small buckets of famous Italian food for the first-time traveler to try out.

1. Pizza

Though Pizza is an easy, cheap, and filling snack (or meal), perhaps no dish is as representative of Italy as pizza. Today, there are two pizza choices in Italy: Neopolitan-style pizza or Roman-style pizza. The Neapolitan crust is thick fluffy. It’s smaller because there’s less dough and more filling, while Roman-style pizza has a paper-thin crust with only a slight crunch (you don’t want it to get soaked!). It has a larger diameter but is usually lighter and also fewer gluten bombs. A fun fact that ketchup was first-time included in Naples! And because of its association with queen margarita, Naples has been declared the birthplace of modern pizza, although this has been questioned across Italy.
Quick tips: The general secret when buying pizza in Italy is to keep the toppings to a minimum – that is fewer toppings indicate confidence in their pizza because each topping has to be great!

famous Italian food

2. Fiorentina Steak

This is called bistecca Fiorentina, or Florentine T-bone steak. And it’s a T-bone steak reduced thick (at the very least 5 centimeters) from the loin of a Chianina cow raised in Tuscany. In the meantime, it covers every one of the characteristics of Italy’s ideal dishes: a specific cut of meat from a details cow prepared in a certain way all within the boundaries of a certain region. In general, it’s cooked for 5 to 7 minutes on each side, depending upon the thickness, up until the outside is prepared but the inside is still very rare. So, there is no sense in requesting a medium-well done steak below, the meat is too thick to also think about it!
Quick Tips: This is a recipe meant to be shared! Also, this is a recipe to be consumed specifically in Tuscany– either in Florence or the countryside!

famous Italian food

3. Risotto

Pasta and polenta are favorites in Italy, although Italy is the biggest rice producers in Europe. Italians don’t eat rice very much, except for risotto. In this way, rice is eaten as a soft, alluring risotto and it is strongly welcomed in Northern Italy, especially Lombardi and Piedmont. In these fields, the huge rice paddies that became Italy’s legendary cuisine were mostly served with offerings as well as stirred until they developed a silk semi-soup that completely conveyed the flavor of any preparation. According to legend, perhaps the most famous risotto is probably the saffron-infused risotto alla Milanese, which is Allah Milan’s invention. Other traditional versions of risotto include risotto with cuttlefish and risotto with ink (bacon and peas) and they both from Venice.

famous Italian food

4. Lasagna

Lasagna is a wide, flat pasta that is usually baked in layers in an oven. With no doubt, you can find pasta everywhere in Italy, and you can even simply home-make it at home. But remember, lasagna isn’t usually made with tomatoes (tomatoes came from the new world in the 16th century). It’s just ragu, bechamel sauce, and cheese, usually mozzarella or Parmesan or a mixture of the two. Today, traditional broth consists of just a little tomato or tomato sauce, unlike many Italian-American dishes, which are usually served in tomato sauce. This is mainly the taste of meat, but it may be a bit rough on the American palate. For foodies, nothing beats a hearty meal of homemade pasta, fresh pate and local satisfaction in Emilia Romagna!

famous Italian food

5. Polenta

The fact is that until recently, the staple food in the north was polenta. Polenta is similar to the coarse corn used in southern states (corn varieties depend on the coarseness or quality of the kernels), was originally made from any available starch, including acorns and buckwheat. However, when maize was introduced to Europe in the 16th century, it became the main ingredient in polenta. Polenta is the best accompaniment over a wide range of meats, especially stews, and it may be one of the most soothing foods you can eat in cold cities such as Milan, Turin, and Venice. You shouldn’t miss this one!

famous Italian food

6. Bottarga

This is the smoked eggs from the rat of the sea. Wait, what? Let’s introduce it in its other name – “Sicilian Caviar”. In August as well as September southern Italians take the roe from grey mullets, salt it, push it, and afterward, leave it to air dry for six months. The result is a solid chunk of eggs the shade of brownish-yellow and also blood oranges that, when cut and also consumed or grated over pasta, blossoms into a gloriously savory, smoky, as well as briny arrangement. Though essentially a pauper’s response to maintaining seafood in the days before refrigeration, it is currently taken into consideration among one of the most demanded and luxurious foods in Italy, right up there with truffles (much more on those later). We advise it grated over pasta, or simply cut thinly and also sprinkled with lemon juice and also olive oil.

famous Italian food

7. Truffles

This pungent, elusive fungus is one of the most expensive and mouthwatering foods in the world, and Italy is one of the few countries to be rich in it😎! In Italy, truffles come in two types: the rarer and more aromatic white truffle; and the slightly less aromatic, more common black truffle. The scent is otherworldly, though not everyone can be sure — less enthusiastic consumers sometimes compare it to gasoline. Still, they’re very popular, and tatoofi is one of our favorite fall foods in Italy! If you travel to Italy in the fall, take part in sagra festivals, such as the famous international white truffle festival in piedmont in October and November respectively. If you’re trying truffles for the first time, we recommend starting with fresh pasta covered in thin truffle flakes, as well as many other options, such as sprinkling on pasta, risotto, and omelets, or in sauces for steak or other meat dishes.

famous Italian food

8. Gelato

No journey to Italy is complete without gelato! It is different from typical ice cream in the USA in two ways: first is according to the legislation, Italian ice cream contains far less fat than Italian ice cream: about 4 to 8 percent, compared with 14 percent in the United States. Low-fat Internet content shows that ice cream provides a little warmth and also tends to melt in your mouth faster, it also enhances the taste and provides a smoother texture. Second, ordinary ice cream contains air and water as well as volume and weight. Unfortunately, these additions also make it less palatable. And This method is illegal in Italy! That is the reason makes Italian ice cream (or at least traditional artisanal ice cream) very delicious and very tasty. Looking for something good? You can find the best ice cream in Rome, Florence, and Milan!

famous Italian food

9. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is probably the most popular dessert in this country. This no-bake parphette has layers of soft, sweet mascarpone cheese and little fingers soaked in coffee. Although Tiramisu feels important (coffee, cream cheese, old cookies), it is the youngest dish on this list, and a great Tiramisu features only the best quality coffee and mascarpone. In some cases, mascarpone adds cream and egg whites to make it look lighter. Unless your Italian is very good, it’s probably hard to ask for these points in a restaurant, so just order one and see if you like it – and you would!

famous Italian food

10. Digestivo

The word “digestivo” or “digestibility” does not refer to a drink, but rather a drink that is eaten after a large plate of food to make your stomach less full and make you feel less full. Although doctors are still studying the clinical benefits of drinking alcohol after meals, the truth is that you can’t claim to have enjoyed a real Italian meal unless you have another glass of wine after the meal. Popular digestives include lemon, grappa, amaro, cynar, amaretto and if you want it, sambuca, which can make a horse dizzy!

famous Italian food
Here are the top 10 Italian dishes recommended by EasyRentCars! Leave a comment and tell us more delicious food in Italy🤗.

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