dealing with accidents during car rental

Checklists That Can Make Your Rental Hassle-free (An Actionable Guide for EasyRentCars Renters)

No one likes rental car damages or accidents, but they do happen, even to the best driver. Educate yourself here on how to deal with them properly!
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Why Our Customers Love EasyRentCars?

How can we guarantee the most competitive car rental deals for your travel? Our answer is Price Drop Protector (PDP)! Read our customer reviews to learn how our Price Drop Protection feature has improved their car rental experience!
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Ride with EasyRentCars: Things to Know Before Collecting Your Rental Car

Once at their destination, most people can't wait to get into the rental car and set off without a thorough check. Stick to EasyRentCars' pickup checklist and you can leave the parking lot with more confidence!
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Booking with EasyRentCars

We offer multiple car rental insurance coverage plans, ranging from Limited Protection to Super Protection. Discover the differences among them!