Everything You Need to Know about Car Rental

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Renting a car is may seem as natural and common as breathing air in our day to day lives. Are you aware of when and how did this business got off? The earliest case involving an offer to rent a car dates back to 1904. A bicycle shop devoted a line of ads to offer cars for rent. In 1912 the global car rental brand – Sixt was born, featuring three cars for rent.

The rental business flourished after World War Ⅱ, resulting in the founding of a few of the international brands. National Car Rental (1947), Europcar (1949), Enterprise Rent-A-Car (1957), and Budget Rent A Car (1958) were all born.

1.How to Rent a Car

There is no means to rent a car, other than at a car rental desk or booking online. Owing to the continued advancement of leisure travel, there are numerous people, who prefer making a car rental booking online by using price comparison sites or vertical meta-search.

A standard car rental booking mechanism starts with a price research, also known as “getting a quote”.

Step 1: Compare.

You carry out a search on the rental companies’ websites, entering your desired pickup and drop-off locations, times and dates. You are left with the options to choose from preferred payment methods. “Full-prepaid”, “Partial-prepaid”, and “Pay at the destination” are methods of how you want to pay the rentals. “Pay at the destination” is likely to appear carrying the best flexibility since you can always cancel with a full refund. However, it is usually expected to be more expensive.

Step 2: Choose your package

You do a quick comparison of prices and insurance coverage. Then you opt for the package you prefer, followed by pressing the “Book Now” button on the listing page.

Main things normally included in a car rental package

Step 3: Lock down your desired rental.

Now you are guided to the checkout page, where you fill out the essential information. These may vary but most companies need your name, driver’s name and your credit card number. Herein, you are asked whether you would like to top-up for extras, such as the additional driver, GPS, baby-seats, etc.

Step 4: “Pay”.

Subsequently, you proceed to the payment page. If your rental is to be “Paid at the destination”, this step is skipped. Do note this is the key phase where you will be informed of whether your booking is instantly confirmed or it requires 48 hours confirmation. For the car rental broker site such as EasyRentCars, you enjoy full freedom of choice. You just simply toggle the “Instant Confirmation” or “On request” as desired in the filter panels.

Car rentals from “Instant Confirmation” category, means they are sent by car rental suppliers through API. Therefore confirmation requests can be dealt with in seconds or minutes.

EasyRentCars' global car rental partners

Step 5: Wait for the order confirmation.

A voucher will be provided following confirmation from the website. Please print and bring along the voucher in addition to. 1) your valid domestic driving license. 2) a valid credit card in the name of the lead driver. 3) a form of ID. If you happen to rent in a country that uses the Latin Alphabets and your domestic driving license is in a different script (i.e. Arabic, Japanese), then an International Driving Permit (IDP/IDL) or an official translation in English is usually required.

Step 6: Pick up your rental car.

You move ahead in order to pick up the car at the due time and date. You sign on the rental contract with the rental supplier at pick-up. Ensuring you are fully aware of your rights, insurance coverage, and liability of both the parties (between you and the supplier) during, and after your rental period. A specific amount is expected to be blocked from your credit card (at times, described as “Pre-authorization”). This is a guarantee held against the rental charge, gas fee and management fee. And the event of an accident, any damage that is not covered by your insurance policies.

Step 7: you return the car and sort out the payment.

Eventually, you return the car at the due time and date and settle the rental charge during drop-off.

2. Why is a Deposit and Credit Card Required

People are asking questions about the deposit and wondering why a credit card is required during pickup. You will still need to pay a deposit during pickup irrespective of what payment method is chosen.

This amount of deposit is actually blocked from your credit card, termed as “pre-authorization”. The deposit typically requires covering your rentals fee, gas, the possible damage cost not covered by your insurance policies, and the administration fee, which it is likely to cost in future owing to an infringement of traffic laws during the rental period.

As regards the “paid at the destination” and “partial-paid” car rentals, since the deposit is going to cover the rental fee, accordingly, at times, you are likely to notice that the deposit can be significant. The deposit varies that depends on the car types, the locations, and car rental companies. You can find the actual deposit amount in the Terms and Conditions.

When you return the car, the actual rental fee and other costs incurred will be debited from your credit card. 

3. What if You Want to Return the Car Earlier

Yes, you can return the car earlier than your due time or date.

Pertaining to the charge, as a matter of fact, it depends on the case. The rental company is not obliged to provide you with a partial refund if it is a “full-prepaid” rental. Contrary to that, “paid at the destination” rentals will be charged by the actual rental days you have taken. Nonetheless, there are some car rental companies, which are likely to charge you an early return fee as well.

You can contact the rental company and give them a note if you want to return the car early.

4.Things about Cross Country Car Rental

Taking a rental car, meant to cross the border, requires extra care. Different countries and regions have different policies against it.

USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and European countries have specific requirements. If you have a plan to drive the car from either USA or Canada to its neighboring country, or from main Australia to its other islands, a majority of the car rental companies is going to let you do so, including Enterprise, Avis, Hertz and etc. Nevertheless, you should keep it in mind to inform the staff at the pick-up; otherwise, your insurance is likely to be no more valid.

Driving a rental car across the country borders in Europe is quite common, however, you require going through Terms and Conditions quite carefully while booking, in addition to conveying to the staff at pick-up. This is because of the extra costs incurred, in addition to implications with the insurance policies and special paperwork involved.

New Zealand, however, owing to the Cook Strait, which is a 30km water that separates the North and the South islands, is likely to ask for extra charges from ferry services. You are rested with the responsibility to book the interisland ferry that crosses as foot passengers.

Whenever you have a plan to drive a car across the country borders or inter-island, do not forget to inform the car rental website, together with bringing up your plan to the staff at the pickup.

5. Can You Rent A Car for Someone Else

If you mean to rent a car solely for someone else and you are not either the main driver nor the additional driver, the answer is ‘No’.

The person who pays the rental fee out of his or her credit card and signs on the rental contract is the main driver. You are free to add your family, your friends or anyone else as the ‘additional driver’ but they should present the same documents during pickup as the main driver do. Rental packages in the USA normally covers one additional driver and a small fee is required in Australia or New Zealand.

6. How to Get A Rental Car at the Best Price 

It has been an on-going debate about what is the best time or day to rent a car. Admittedly, we often see those car rentals are more affordable as you make the booking as early as possible. Furthermore, it is better if you book at least 3 months in advance. Despite the fact, there is no guarantee of how long you should place your order prior to the pick-up to get a super cheap rental car.

You cannot observe the lowest price for a particular date, time and pick-up and drop-off location since the car rental prices change in real-time without following a strict kind of pattern.

This is why EasyRentCars has launched a unique feature, known as Price Drop Protector. It is capable of automatically rebooking your rental or sending you an email alert as soon as the system detects a lower price. Your old booking will only be cancelled when a new one is made succesfully. The Price Drop Protector will cease working 24 hours ahead of the time that the free cancellation policy of a company ends. In this way, you will not be charged with any cancellation fees.

We want the customers to enjoy their freedom of mind without any worries about when it would be the best time to make a car rental. Anytime can be a good time.

7. Which Car Rental Company You should Rent from

Car rental brands in the market can be classified into three main groups. They are the premium car rental companies, the intermediate ones, and the low-cost brands. Premium brands such as Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, and Enterprise, have the price slightly above average. Besides, their rental counters can be found in almost all the major airports across the globe.

The other notable brands are the intermediate one. These include Budget, Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, and National. They maintain a level of service and customer satisfaction, sharing similarity with the premium ones, featuring satisfactory regional and local accessibility.

Low-cost brands put efforts for seizing the traction from the customers, who are more sensitive to the price. They are more inclined to locate in the tourist destinations, together with typically having smaller coverage in comparison with the other two. Owing to the good price-performance, they constitute a good choice, aimed to lower a travel budget.

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