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Ride with EasyRentCars: Things to Know Before Collecting Your Rental Car

Mandatory Documents Credentials You Need to Carry To pick up a rental vehicle, credentials you need to carry include: 1.Driver’s License Both your main and additional Driver’s Licenses...

Booking with EasyRentCars

EasyRentCars work with car rental companies around the world in an endless effort to offer customers a wide selection of services that are used...

An In-depth Comparison of Costco Car Rental and EasyRentCars

In this article, we’re going to compare the car rental service from Costco to that of EasyRentCars to help you understand these two platforms.

What is PAI?

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) protects drivers of a rented car and their passengers in case of an accident. The insurance covers accidental death, accidental medical costs, and emergency care.

The Making of Car Rental Fees

The same car rented for the same amount of time can vary vastly depending on the car rental deals you find. However, if you know what you are doing, it helps to cut down the cost than you don't.

What is Needed to Rent a Car?

Some car rental companies also allow you to rent a car with cash only, but those that accept cash payments as deposit may have far more requirements than usual.

What is CDW & SLI and When It is Worth Buying?

Car rental can turn into a nightmare if you get into a traffic accident and you do not have proper insurances. There are two we will be looking at today: CDW and SLI.

Everything You Need to Know about Car Rental

In general, the car rental company is not expected to guarantee a specific car model; besides that, the car model you have ordered is termed as a representative of its car type.